About the Artist

detail of "Past Preserved" oil painting by Brad Blackman


Brad Blackman headshot

Hailing from Music City, USA (that’s Nashville, y’all), Brad Blackman creates oil paintings depicting urban/industrial structures in various states of decay. His background and interest in advertising design and typography informs his work with strong, dynamic compositions.

Blackman’s urban landscapes tend toward realism but border on abstraction, putting them in the realm of abstract realism. He is influenced by early twentieth-century American painters such as Georgia O’Keefe and Edward Hopper.

Artist’s Statement

Every day we encounter urban textures and industrial forms in varying states of decay — man-made structures of steel, concrete, and brick. I am at once fascinated by their hard, austere lines and semipermanent nature. Things like old buildings, highway overpasses, and boiler pipes often seem plain or even ugly, but they possess a certain dignity that we often overlook. I want to convey that dignity. At the same time, the way things erode and crumble stand as reminders that our lives are temporary and not as permanent as we like to believe. So while the things I paint can be taken as a celebration of geometric forms, light, and shadow, they also act as warnings of man’s own mortality.

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