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Announcing the Nashville365 Project

Teaser tweet to build up suspense about this project. Ooooh.

I’m sure you’ve heard of projects like NaNoWriMo, Art Every Day Month, and the various “365 photos” groups on Flickr, where people spend that period of time writing a novel in a month, making art every day for a month, or taking and shooting photographs daily, respectively. Well I got the idea in my head to mash them together, influenced by Stephen Magsig’s Postcards from Detroit and Gregg Boling’s recent 31-in-31 projects. In 2011 I’m going to attempt to paint 365 paintings of Nashville. One a day. There are probably some days I’ll get behind, or some days I’ll double up to get ahead (or catch up).

I’m sure we’ll see changes in my style, hopefully for the better. Until I went on unplanned hiatus a couple of months ago, I could tell a big difference in how my paintings were improving. Things got tighter, and I began to focus more on the overall forms rather than getting lost in the details. Forest and trees and all that jazz.

Anyway, I’ll be featuring posts here on my blog and the Facebook Fan Page Notes (once I get it to work; it’s not cooperating right now). If you’re interested in purchasing the original art, I’ll be auctioning it in the comments on Facebook. If you want a print, you can purchase one by going to the blog and clicking on the links below the image of the art and selecting what you want from the modal pop-up powered by Fotomoto.