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Finally, a spark

Inspirational clouds at dusk

After something of a “fallow” period, I have had several things on my mind lately. In no particular order, here they are:

I want to do something with Christians in the Creative Class.

I’m not sure what, exactly. But I think people like Ben Arment and Blaine Hogan and Sarah Cunningham are doing great work in that space. I’ve actually wanted to do something in this space for about 10 years now, before I even heard the term “creative class.”

Creatives are poorly understood in the church at large and more poorly ministered to, and I know they have great ministry potential.

Move toward abstraction in my fine art.

After seeing some really great abstract work online a few days ago — by an artist named Lee Shiney, mentioned on Alyson Stanfield’s blog — I want to move back toward abstraction. Less Edward Hopper, more Georgia O’Keefe.

Less concrete, more abstract. Yet grounded in reality, like O’Keefe. A more conscious effort toward abstract realism.

I have a book or two in me.

I just don’t know what, exactly. Or where to start. Some kind of manifesto, for sure. I love the physical properties of Seth Godin’s book Poke the Box. It’s small and portable. A very comfortable form factor.

My manifesto should be like that. A comfortable book that also challenges and inspires, the way a good friend should.


I guess the key is more writing, drawing, painting, exploring.

Every day.

  • HButler

    Sounds wonderful, keep exploring!

  • Brad Blackman

    Thanks, Haley. I’m doing most of my exploring in my journal, which is very disorganized. But that’s OK. It’ll eventually make its way here. I’m kind of feeling my way through the dark, and there is no map.