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Work in Progress: Sewer, Part 2

Sewer Progress: Building Up

In this post we’ll see me make some headway on this Sewer piece. If you compare this with the last post, you’ll see how much I’ve done. First I built it all up and began modeling it a bit. The problem is that there are a lot of flat surfaces, so I have to create the illusion of depth through techniques like glazing and scumbling. It starts out kind of dark and with patches of color here and there. Right now it looks dark and kinda flat. Next you’ll see it take form a bit more.

Sewer: Second Coat, part A

You can see now how much of the scene is brighter and lighter. It’s got a lot more contrast and drama going on. In this session, I focused mainly on the right side of the piece, where the diffused light is coming in from the grate above.

Sewer: Second Coat, part B

For this session I only had about an hour available to work. You can see that I worked a bit more on the darker areas on the left side of the piece and the area beneath the platform. I brought down a bit of the chroma (intensity) of the colors in the stains on the wall beneath the large pipe. At this point I’m doing a good bit of glazing, putting thin layers of dark paint to build up the shadows and depth.

Next up, I’ll increase the contrast a bit more, add in the ladder going up to the unseen grate, and glaze in some more shadows.

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